Edmonton had been a good home.

Of course, you've stayed in better places. Lived with friendlier people. Endured warmer winters.

But still, for four years, Edmonton was a good home. High walls, hydroelectric grid, and frigid Canadian winters to keep the Ferals frozen solid.

But all good things come to an end.

About a month ago, the food ran out, and people started fighting.

Rather than stick around for the bloodbath you've all seen before, you decided to leave.

First there were many in your group, but as you progressed south the groups shrunk and shrunk. Friends melted away into the night, forming their own groups and choosing the routes of their own pilgrimages.

Some parting words were said, some hugs and some tears. But more often than not, it was eyes cast down to shuffling feet, mumbled goodbyes, then another empty spot by the fire come morning.

Until finally, it was just the four of you.

Headed south chasing the promise of a warmer, more bountiful land in the south.

But then you found Eureka.


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