Eureka, Montana

You're amazed you made it out of there alive.

After crossing the border from Canada, you came upon Eureka.

On the surface it looked well off- Empty, largely unburnt, and seemingly unlooted.

You quickly discovered the opposite.

The Lupines who held the hills around town didn't take kindly to your intrusion into their "mausoleum", and were more than eager to force you out of town.

They quickly shut the way behind you, blocking the mountain passes and "cleansing" the area of the group that followed you.

You spent the night in a butte south of town, huddled against the cold and listening to their mad chants of worship to the "mother in the Mountain" as the smell of roasting meat wafted on the night breeze.

The following day, you braced yourself against the growing cold, and headed south.

No stopping until Dog Lake, 4 days later.

Eureka, Montana

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