Those who devour all.

Man reduced to his most bestial, nocturnal possibility.

Can't be bargained with.

Can't be reasoned with.

All they do is hunt.

Hunt for blood.

They came soon after the fires and the quakes.

Millions of them, from every underground and every dark alley, seething into the ruined streets of our nation's cities.

World's cities, I should say.

Before the news stations went dark they gave us reports of these things all over the world.

London, Paris, Moscow, Beirut, Berlin, Hong Kong, Shanghai.

For the uncountable piles of dead, If the floods, fires, and falling buildings didn't get you-

Odds are these guys did.

Funnily enough, even the Vampires don't know what's going on with these fuckers.

They're just as confused as the rest of us.


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