Every house is a fortress with enough prep-time.

With the proper resources, planning and a keen eye, any building the player finds themselves in can be turned into a Feral-proof haven for the night.

Initial Fortification checks are comprised of wits+craft, with difficulty determined by time and material available. (ranging anywhere from 7-10 depending on the building).

Time to fortify is determined by number of successes made. Three successes accelerates completion time by 300%, and so on.

Wits+Occult can also be made to add additional wards to a haven to make it more difficult for ferals to gain entrance.

Stealth rolls (dex+stealth) are made at the beginning of every night to determine the noise level made by those within the havens. Roll with the highest # of successes is accepted for the whole group.

Fortified buildings allow survivors the freedom to move, talk, and even make fires(carefully) in relative peace and comfort. Pains should still be taken to maintain stealth rolls for physical actions that would require a lot of noise / activity, as these will have their difficulty increased, and nearby Ferals will be able to make perception checks on especially loud actions.

Players inside intact havens are immune to Howling Madness, and all healing checks / resting checks are instant successes. Food / water consumed safely within the walls, and repairs can be made with minimum necessary successes.

Ferals that spot a haven will have to attack the barricades of the place to gain entrance. Doing so brings a chance of drawing nearby ferals, especially if the attacker has the Howling Madness trait. Barricades must be completely reduced in durability to zero in order to be breached, and breached barricades require a dex+athletics check to pass through. Reinforced barricades have an additional layer of health that must be depleted to be breached. 

Havens can be boobytrapped with an additional layer of protection by means of traps and tripwires, but these require a trap-making check and, if proper awareness of the traps is not maintained players can trigger traps as easily as enemies.


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