Nightfall brings terror in the post-Turning world.

Night comes in 3 stages, with 3 sets of conditions.

Stage Conditions
Late Afternoon (4pm-6pm) Perception checks get a -1 as the sun begins to wane.  Ferals are stirring, succeed w/ 5 successes to rise.
Evening (6pm-8pm) Perception checks get -2, sunset has started. All Mental rolls are counted as under duress unless the player has the requisite feats. Ferals require 3 successes to rise. Ferals are now aware while asleep, can lie in ambush.
Night (8pm-6am) Perception checks get -3, full night has begun. All rolls are counted as under duress. Ferals are fully awake, instant successes on rising. Characters outdoors require willpower check (difficulty 8) to not experience panic when in earshot of a Howling Madness attack. Vampires are now able to wake up.

Ferals have 8 to all rolls for perception and stealth when in full night, +4 to intimidation checks (3 with Howling Madness). 


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